Why Are All The Animals
In That One Area?
A Snowmass fossil find story about how all the animals got there.

Have you ever heard of the Snow Mastodon fossil find right here in Colorado? If you have then you probably wondered how all the fossils or animals got there?

Did you know that almost all the big fossil finds happen in an old lake bed or old quicksand. This happens because animals would get stuck in the quicksand and the air could not get to the animals and they would become fossils or the animals would fall into a lake and they couldn't get out of the water. Even the the water would make the trees into fossils.


Then over years and years the lake would dry up and there will be fossils left for humans like us to be found. Some fossils were found by their selves and they were fund on a mountain where a old lake could not possibly be an lake bed. But it could be or they just plain died there.

Imagine this, a animal walks up to get a drink he goes into the water the and he does not realize there is quicksand in the water. The quicksand is pulling him under and the animal can not get back out. It is then sucked under and over millions of years the animals bones are fossilized. The bones are left for a human like us to discover.

So now you know how those animals were in the same area, thanks to the water and the quicksand that sucked them under.