There’s Something We've Never Seen Before.
An article about mastodon discoveries.

At the dig site in snowmass colorado, a rare fossil was found, a mastodon. only three mastodon fossils have ever been found in colorado according to wikipedia. they also say that the very rare mastodon skull that they excavated is the first one ever discovered in colorado.
major fossil finds like this are extremely rare and are also very interesting. the “snow mastodon” has opened an opportunity for scientists and paleontologists in the area to study the mast


what would be even more exciting to find?

a new species or undiscovered fossil would make the
mastodon find look like a sandbox full of rocks. but
it is not, it is actually a very important find and will inspire other paleontologists to dig deeper and wider to find more amazing fossils.

image attribution:
Image: 'Mastodon / Amerikanischer Urelefant'

Image: '1,000,000 BC'