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Prehistoric Camels?
Did you know that over 10,000 years ago the rocky mountains were inhabited, by Camel.
Most people would think that this is impossible. They would say “That’s ridiculous, Camels live in the hot desert, not the snowy mountains.” Although most Camel do live in the desert there are some members of the Camelid family that live in the snowyCamelop.jpgregions of china. The Bactrian camel, like the Prehistoric Camel, has adapted the environment to .
But now, comes the question. Where did The Camels come from, and where did they go?

The Prehistoric Camel ( called Camelops) originated in Western North America, and went extinct during the Megafaunal extinction. There are multiple theories on what caused the Megafaunal extinction, but the main theory is that the humans hunted them until death. The second theory is that the sudden climate change made the animals die off.

The Camelops was a large animal larger than the modern day horse and the modern day Bison. Because of the minimal amount of information we have, we do not know if it had a hump like modern camels.

Camelop Picture
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