Snowmass Colorado Fossils Above and Beyond

Fossils found in a small village near Snowmass, Colorado.

The diggers found the fossils while digging to make an extension to a reservoir. The fossils that were found were uncovered on November 6th, 2010.
There were a lot of fossils that fit to a lot of animals found in the Snowmass fossil find. There were 74 large specimens in plaster jackets, 49 tusks, 34 mandibles, 23 jaws, 20 pelvises, 82 loose teeth, witch fit to make 30 mastodons, 10 giant bison, 4 ground sloth, 3 Colombian mammoths, 3 deer, 1 horse, and 1 camel ( all the animals are based on the fossils found, tusks jaws, pelvises, etc). As you can see, many fossil were found.

The digging resulted in many different fossils being found; and still are to this day.

~Katie C.