The Humans and the Mastodons...could they have died together???

Could there be any human bones found at the snow mastodon dig site? Well, maybe some Homo Sapiens. Homo Sapiens are us humans that are inhabiting the planet right now. The earliest Homo Sapien that was recorded appeared about 50,000 years ago.
And what about human ancestors? Like the Homo Erectus. Their earliest recorded appearance was 1.8 million years ago!
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So now to the next most important thing: location. Were the Homo Erectus and the Homo Sapien in the right place in the right time? Well, overlapped tracks, broken spear heads in mastodon bone, and various other other items of proof show that any pre-humans or Homo Sapiens probably migrated with the mastodons, as they were probably their main source of meat and food.


So the conclusion? Yes, humans probably could be found amoung the remains of the snow mastodon fossils.


By Evan Lesson

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